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Use of Adverbs in English Grammar

Hello Friends,

I am providing you Use of Adverbs in English Grammar with their proper use, examples and Hindi meaning. These are used mostly in our daily conversation. So, try to learn it in English in your daily conversation. Read the all examples very carefully and try to make another example of given use of adverbs in your own language. It is a great fun to learn English. 

Here are use of adverbs in English with their meaning, examples and Hindi meaning that will enrich your English Vocabulary and make you sound like a native speaker in no time.

Use of Adverb in English Grammar (क्रिया विशेषण का उपयोग)

Definition of Adverb (क्रिया विशेषण का उपयोग): क्रिया-विशेषण (Adverb) वह शब्द हैं जो किसी क्रिया (Verb), विशेषण (Adjective) अथवा किसी अन्य क्रिया-विशेषण (Adverb) की विशेषता बतलाता हैं अथवा उसके बारें में अतिरिक्त सूचना प्रदान करता हैं |


The flowers were artistically arranged. (Artistically modifies the verb arranged)

It was a very delightful function. (Very modifies the Adjective delightful)

Kind of Adverbs (क्रिया-विशेषण के प्रकार)

1.Adverbs of Time (समय की विशेषता):  इसका प्रयोग समय (Time) को दर्शाने के लिए किया जाता हैं |


He came very late.

He will soon return.

I haven’t seen him lately.

Ram came a few minutes ago.

2.Adverb of Place (स्थान की विशेषता): इसका प्रयोग स्थान (Place) की विशेषता को दर्शाने के लिए किया जाता हैं |


He lives here.

I want to go there.

The boss has gone out.

They all went away.

3.Adverb of Number (संख्या की विशेषता): इसका प्रयोग संख्या (Number) की विशेषता को दर्शाने के लिए किया जाता हैं |


You are always welcome.

I called on him again.

They seldom come here.

We often go there.

4.Adverbs of Manner or Quality (गुण और तरीके की विशेषता): इसका प्रयोग काम करने के तरीके अथवा व्यक्ति की विशेषता को प्रकट करने के लिए किया जाता हैं |


Ram Singh fought bravely.

She sings beautifully.

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Rajesh Bhatia

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