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Passive Voice of Imperative Sentences

In the last blog, I have explained all rules of Passive Voice in Hindi. In this blog, we will discuss the remaining rules of Active-Passive Voice of imperative sentences with its explanation, and its variation. I will explain Active-Passive Voice Examples and Exercise. If you want to learn the Active-Passive Voice Rules in Hindi successfully, you will have to study the examples attentively.


Passive Voice of Imperative Sentence

यदी Active Voice का Sentence Imperative Sentence हो तो उसका Passive Voice बनाते समय वाक्य (Sentence)को Let से बनाते है |


Formula of making Sentence.

Let + object + be + 3rd form of verb + etc.



Open the door. (Active)

Let the door be opened. (Passive)

Give me your book of English. (Active)

Let your book of English be given to me. (Passive)



Note: यदी Imperative Sentence Don’t से शुरू होता है तो उसका Passive Voice बनाते समय Don’t को हटा देते है और वाक्य (Sentence) को Let से बनाते है तथा Object (कर्म) के बाद not be लगाते है |


Formula of making Sentence.


Let + object + not be + 3rd form of verb + etc.

और यदी वाक्य में आदेश,प्रार्थना,या सलाह (order, advice or request) का भाव आये तो वाक्य को  "You are requested to, You are advised to and you are ordered to" से बनाते है |




Don’t play cricket here. (Active)

Let cricket not be played here. (Passive)

Don’t make a noise in the class. (Active)

Let a noise not be in the class. (Passive)

Don’t take medicine of expiry date. (Active)

You are not advised to take medicine of expiry date. (Passive)

Park your car in the parking zone. (Active)

You are ordered to park your car in the parking zone. (Passive)


Do practice exercise. Change the following sentence into Passive Voice.

1.Please, give me some money,

2.Get out from my room immediately.

3.Don’t tell a lie to me in front of all members.

4.Read your English chapter with carefully.

5.Don’t abuse her, she is your younger sister.

6.Don’t drive the car very fast.

7.Don’t misuse the money. It is your future saving.

8.Don’t give me your advice.

9 Complete your work on time.

10. Speak English to every person.


Sentence start from Who

यदी Active Voice का Interrogative Sentence Who से शुरू होता है तो उसका Passive Voice बनाते समय who को By whom में Change कर देते है और Tense के according to Passive Voice बनाते है |


Who is telling a story to the students? (Active)

By whom is a story being told to the students? (Passive)

Who has done his work on time? (Active)

By whom has work been done on time? (Passive)


Do practice exercise. Change the following sentence into passive voice.


1.Who is learning English from Ankit Dhir?

2.Who was abusing me on the road?

3.Who had finished their work?

4.Who can give me his kidney?

5.Who does write a letter to me?


Sentence of ‘Going to’

यदी Active Voice के Sentence में 'going to' आता हे तो ऐसे Sentence का Passive Voice बनाते समय 'going to'को'going to be' में Change कर देते है 'going to' वाले वाक्य (Sentence) हमेशा संभावनाओ (Guessing Power) पर आधारित होते है |


Formula for making sentence


Object + helping verb + going to be + 3rd form of the verb +etc. + by + Subject.




She is going to give water to the plants. (Active)

Water is going to be given to the plants by her. (Passive)

Reena is going to cook the dinner for the guest. (Active)

Dinner is going to be cooked for the guest by Reena. (Passive)


Do practice exercise. Change the following sentence into Passive Voice.

1.Radha is going to play flute with Lord Krishna.

2.Sonia is going to learn Hindi in her house.

3.They are going to make noise in the classroom.

4.She is going to waste her time in entertaining.

5.Monika is going to kill a snake in the garden.



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