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Commonly Confused Words Part G

Hello friends,

I think that you have read previous blog of  "Commonly Confusing Words" and understood about it clearly. Now we will study the remaining part of "Commonly Confusing Words" in this blog.

72. Disinterested: स्वार्थ रहित मतलब तटस्थ या निष्पक्ष

72. Uninterested: रुचिहीन जिसे रूचि न हो


The judge must always be disinterested.

I was uninterested in games so I returned home early.

73. Dual: दोगला या दो तरह का

73. Duel: दो व्यक्तियों का युद्ध


Some persons have dual personality. They say something and do otherwise.

They fought a duel and one person was severely injured.

74. Eligible: चुना जाने योग्य

74. Illegible: अस्पष्ट जिसे पढ़ा न जा सके


Only a graduate is eligible for this post.

Your hand writing is illegible.

75. Expand: फैलाना

75. Expend: खर्च करना


As the work increases we shall have to expand our office space.

We shouldn’t expend beyond our limit.

76. Fair: मेला

76. Fair: उचित

76: Fair: साफ


Many people attend the National Book Fair.

We must always paly a fair game.

She is fair complexioned and fair haired.

77. Fare: किराया

77. Fare: प्रगति


What is the rail fare from Delhi to Agra?

How did you fare in your examination?

78. Farther: दूर

78. Further: आगे


Bombay is farther from Delhi than Banaras.

Proceed further, Please.

79. Feel good: प्रसन्न होना

79. Feel well: स्वस्थ होना


She feels very goods amidst her friends.

She is feeling well now.

80. Fewer: कम व्यक्ति या वस्तुएं जो गिनी जा सके

80. Less: कम वस्तु जो की ढेर में दिखाई दे


The Doctor attended fewer patients than last week.

I have less money in my pocket than you have.

81. Floor: फर्श

81. Flour: आटा


She is sitting on the floor.

We make chapaties (bread) of flour.

82. Formally: औपचारिक

82. Formerly: भूतपूर्व अथार्त पहले समय का


The letter was written formally by me.

He was formerly a minister.

If you have any problem to understand the rule of this topic, Please ask about your problem in comment box.

Rajesh Bhatia

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