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Hello Friends, I think so that you have read previous blog and understood about it clearly. Now we will study the remaining part of "General Sentence (For English Communication)". General Sentence in English कई बार हमारें सामने ऐसी स्थिति आती हैं की हम English बोलने की कोशिश तो करते हैं पर हिचकिचाते हैं और फिर हिंदी में ही अपनी बात करते हैं इस कमी को हम धीरे धीरे English में बोलने का प्रयास करके English Speaking improve कर सकते हैं | | यहाँ हम आपको यही वाक्य ......


Hello friends, As you know, when we start to speak English first time, we don’t have the knowledge of Speaking while we can read or write English very well but we don’t speak in English and hesitate in speaking when we are in the group. By this blog, I am trying to teach you some small words in Hindi which you can use in your daily conversation and remove your hesitations. So I am providing a list of daily used English words with meaning in Hindi for your best practice. List of Daily Used Engl......


Tips To Improve English Communication SkillsWhy do you want to learn English? maybe, are you taking English classes to get a higher salary at work? Or possibly you just want to travel the U.S and decided to get a few English lessons while you’re here. Well, no matter your reason for learning, there is always a common goal amongst students: become better speakers of English. Here are a few tips to help you achieve that goal.Mostly used Tips for Job InterviewEnglish Environment 1.Immerse yourself......

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