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Type:Verb | Adjective

Definition:unsuitable to needs or circumstances; inappropriate; inapt

Synonyms: unconventional , unlawful , unsuitable


Under Adverse conditions – some people break down, some break records

Shiv Khera

विपरीत परस्थितियों में कुछ लोग टूट जाते हैं , तो कुछ लोग लोग रिकॉर्ड तोड़ते हैं

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10 Job Interview Tips You should know before Interview

Tips Regarding Interview Greet the interviewers:Walk in with a smile and before you sit down, greet the interviewers. A handshake is not essential so we recommend you decide according to the situation. Be relaxed and confident:Smile if require...

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Home Objects and Rooms - English Vocabulary

This is the simplest vocabulary words related to our Home/House. In the house/home, there are many things and we say everything with a particular name in our mother tongue. But in this blog, I will tell you these words in the English language. R...

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Difference Between American and Britisher English

British English and American English British People और American People एक दुसरे को अपनी भाषा समझा सकते हैं और एक दुसरे की भाषा को समझते भी  हैं लेकिन दोनों के बात करने का तरीका बिलकुल अलग होता हैं यानी दोनों भाषाओं के Pronunciation में Dif...

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